ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

1aPA8. Interport relations for the infinite elastic plate.

Anthony J. Rudgers

Naval Res. Lab., Underwater Sound Reference Detachment, P.O. Box 568337, Orlando, FL 32856-8337

For a reciprocal linear system, a set of reciprocity equalities relates dual variables at pairs of system ports. These equalities arise from the symmetry properties that characterize the immittance matrices of reciprocal linear systems. It has been proven previously that the infinite elastic plate, as described by the equations of linear elasticity theory, is a nonreciprocal linear system. Since the plate is a nonreciprocal system, which is characterized by nonsymmetric immittance matrices, reciprocity equalities of the usual kind do not exist for it. There is, however, a set of equations, here termed the ``interport relations,'' that relates dual variables at pairs of ports in the infinite-plate problem. The plate interport relations, which are the counterpart of the set of the reciprocity equalities that hold for a reciprocal linear system, are described in this paper. [Work supported by ONR.]