ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

1pAO10. Complex trace analysis of DTAGS data recorded at the Blake Escarpment face.

Abu K. M. Sarwar

Dept. of Geol. & Geophys., Univ. of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 70148

Mary M. Rowe

Joseph F. Gettrust

Navy Res. Lab. Detachment, Stennis Space Center, MS

Lateral inhomogeneity of the subsurface beyond the vertical/near vertical face of the Blake Escarpments is investigated using data acquired in 1989 by the Navy Research Laboratory's (NRL's) Deep Towed Acoustics/Geophysics System (DTAGS). These data are ideal for the application of Hilbert transform-based analysis to characterize the face and the shallow interior at the Blake Escarpment. This study presents local characterization of lateral inhomogeneity in terms of reflection strength, instantaneous phase, and instantaneous frequency. Those attributes are studied using both constant offset sections and individual shot gathers, and reveal interesting geological features and their related Fresnel effects. [Work supported by the Office of Naval Technology.]