ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

1pUW10. Long-range probing of the ocean by a parametric source.

Konstantin A. Naugol

N. N. Andreev Acoust. Inst., Acad. of Sci. of RF, Moscow, Russia

Experimental investigations of the performance of a parametric transmitting array (PA) in the deep and shallow ocean are presented in the present paper. The array to produce the two primary waves consisted of two parts, each 2x3 m in size, with a total acoustic power of up to 24 kW. The two primary frequencies were in the band 1.9 to 3.9 kHz, the difference frequency in the band up to about 1 kHz. Three sets of experiments were made: (1) an investigation of the formation of the PA field in the homogeneous deep ocean; (2) PA performance in shallow water; and (3) directivity pattern measurements in the inhomogeneous deep ocean. The possible application of parametric arrays for long distance ocean probing is discussed.