ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

3aNS2. How ASA can assist the federal government in noise control.

Alice H. Suter

Alice Suter and Assoc., 1657 River Dee Ct., Cincinnati, OH 45230

ASA has a great opportunity to assist the federal government in promoting noise control, but has done little to exercise this opportunity over recent years. Industrial noise, aircraft and other transportation noise, and noise effects are probably the areas where ASA members can share their knowledge and expertise most effectively. They can testify at congressional hearings and send written materials to interested members of Congress. They can also supply information and testimony at many stages along the rule-making process and can assist in the implementation of these rules once they are made final. Federal employees are often unaware of improvements in instrumentation and new noise control methods or devices. Inspectors who cover many occupational hazards cannot know about all of the available noise control options without assistance from professionals in acoustics. The ASA needs to develop a method of alerting its members about the specific congressional committees, federal agencies, and activities where acoustical expertise is needed. For the greatest effectiveness, ASA and its Noise Committee should be prepared to take a stand on important noise control issues.