ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

3aNS6. How the Acoustical Society of America can assist industry in plant noise control.

Stephen I. Roth

Aluminum Co. of America, 100 Technical Dr., Alcoa Center, PA 15069-0001

Industry should insure that its workers do not incur noise-induced hearing loss above that which is expected of the general population. Engineers should purchase new equipment that provides acceptable noise levels, and should reduce noise of existing factory equipment to proper levels. Unfortunately, many engineers are not knowledgeable in noise control techniques, and are not conversant in acoustical terminology. Many equipment manufacturers are not versed in noise control, cannot provide noise level information for engineers to make purchase judgments, and have not developed low-noise products. Many decision makers in industry do not understand the impact of high noise on their employees. ASA should influence universities to provide undergraduate acoustic education opportunities for students planning to become plant engineers. ASA should develop interest in the manufacturing sector to produce low-noise equipment, and to make product noise level information available. ASA should encourage the development of standards that assist plant engineers in making noise control decisions. ASA should take the lead in educating the general public, and industry on the consequences of high-noise level workplaces.