ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

4pEA8. Acoustic acquisition, test, and analysis Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Keyport, Washington.

Walt Hardin

Code 57431, Pier 2, NUWCDIV, Keyport, WA 98345

Started in 1909 with the purchase of land on the Kitsap Peninsula in Puget Sound, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport [NUWCKPT] has become an important link in the development, maintenance, and improvement of underwater vehicles and devices for the U.S. Fleet. With the introduction of smart devices entering the U.S. Navy Fleet, acoustics testing became a paramount requirement. The first acoustic test facility at NUWCKPT was opened in 1952. As the field of underwater acoustics and devices has expanded so with it have expanded the scope and capabilities of NUWCKPT. This paper presents acoustic facilities and capabilities in the Acoustic Acquisition and Analysis Division, of NUWCKPT. Specific areas will be facility characteristics, data collection systems, types of test, problems, and needs.