ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

5aNS7. Hearing conservation on explosives and small arms training ranges.

Felix Z. Sachs

William W. Corbin, Jr.

US Army Environ. Hygiene Agency, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5422

The OSHA regulations for hearing conservation are very detailed for exposures to steady-state noise. Application of hearing conservation elements to explosives and outdoor small arms training ranges requires a somewhat different emphasis, particularly in the areas of impulse noise criteria, noise hazard identification, hearing protection, administrative controls, and engineering controls. These differences are discussed using specific examples of an outdoor rifle range and an explosives training range. The applicability and nonapplicability of noise dosimetry is also discussed. The dosimetry issue arose after contact with the local OSHA compliance office indicated that noise dosimetry may be required by an inspector. Impulse noise measurements, 140-dBP contours for various explosives training charges, and dosimetry results are provided.