ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

5pAA2. An acoustic measurement program for evaluating auditoriums and related spaces based on the early/late sound energy ratio.

L. Gerald Marshall

KMK Associates, 7 Holland Ave., White Plains, NY 10603

Sound energy ratios in one form or another have long been used to quantify and predict clarity. Recognizing the critical importance of early reflections in the sound-decay process to room acoustic character, curves showing early/late ratios in the 20- to 200-ms period may be used as a way of examining the early reflection period, besides providing the established clarity ratings of C[sub 50] and C[sub 80]. An automated measurement program producing octave-spaced energy-time curves and displays of the associated early/late sound energy ratios in the period between 20 and 200 ms will be discussed.