ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

5pAA8. An acoustical study of a large rotunda.

C. Moritz

R. D. Bruce

Collaboration in Sci. and Technol., Inc., 15835 Park Ten Pl., Ste. 105, Houston, TX 77084-5131

A large rotunda with a dome ceiling was built as part of a large shopping mall. It was envisioned that this area of the mall would be used for concerts and public presentations. Musicians such as Ray Charles are scheduled to perform for the grand opening in August. However, as with many acoustically hard dome structures, problems arose with echoes. Reverberation times of 18 s at 500 Hz were measured in the center of the dome. An acoustical treatment was installed on part of the ceiling to reduce the echoes and reverberation time. Impulse response measurements and results of the treatments are discussed.