ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

1pAO5. Feasibility of acoustic thermometry of Arctic Ocean climate change.

Peter N. Mikhalevsky

Sci. Appl. Int. Corp., Ocean Sci. Group, McLean, VA

Inverting observations of changes in long-range acoustic travel time, phase, amplitude, and modal dispersion has been proposed for the Arctic Ocean. Initial calculations [Mikhalevsky et al., ``Arctic Ocean Warming; Can We Measure it Acoustically?,'' The Oceanographic Society, Second Scientific Meeting, St. Petersburg, FL (March 1991)] showed that it could be possible to monitor ocean volume warming, and changes is sea ice extent and thickness. New results will be presented using higher fidelity acoustic modeling and the results of other international collaborators, including the Russians, will be summarized. Plans for a feasibility test in the Arctic are underway for a spring 1994 experiment.