ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

2aNS3. A hotel perspective on meeting room sound.

Irv Ash

Carlson Hospitality Group, Inc., 3333 Quebec St., Ste. 114, Denver, CO 80207

Meeting planners base their decision to stay at a particular hotel, or use a hotel meeting space, on expectations influenced through a travel agent, an advertisement, word of mouth, past experience, or any number of other ways. Regardless of motivation, service and comfort are the primary factors in the decision making. Comfort, like service, is a combination of techniques and ingredients. Discomfort is due to a distortion of these techniques and ingredients. In the hospitality industry, discomfort can often be avoided by getting to know the meeting planner, the needs of the group, and their expectations. Because hotels are generally noisy places, in order to ensure guest comfort it is advantageous when refurbishing or building a hotel to work with a designer who is expert in acoustical treatment.