ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

3aNS1. Airport noise: The problem and some solutions and frustrations.

Paul E. Tauer

Mayor, City of Aurora, Colorado, 1470 S. Havana, Ste. 808, Aurora, CO 80012

Citizens of nearby communities, usually with little or no direct control over airport operations, bear the brunt of airport noise. Minimal concern for the impact of this noise has been shown by the airlines, the airports, and the F.A.A. Political pressure and legal action have both been used in attempts to force the parties responsible to address the problem. The author has worked for several years on these issues in his capacity as former Council Member and current Mayor of a city of 235 000 residents that borders both the soon-to-close Stapleton Airport and the new Denver International Airport, and as President of the National Organization to Insure a Sound-controlled Environment (NOISE). A significant project to reduce the impact of airport noise was the Stapleton Noise Insulation Program, which involved the expenditure of $20,000,000 to sound-insulate homes in Aurora, CO. Recent legislation regarding Stage III aircraft will reduce noise at the source, but does not adequately address noise impact. Thus, political conflict, prolonged litigation, and airport-capacity limitations will continue. There is a solution: communication and cooperation.