ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

4aAA6. Acoustic aspects related to the performance of teleconference facilities.

Bradley P. Basnett

Teleconferencing Dept. 4Y44, Bell-Northern Research Ltd., P.O. Box 3511 Station ``C,'' Ottawa, ON K1Y 4H7, Canada

Room acoustic design and electroacoustic system integration are paramount to the performance, and therefore effectiveness, of teleconferencing facilities. Some key elements that need to be considered during the design and implementation stages are (a) the effects of room acoustics on transmitted, received, and in-room speech communications; (b) the effect of transmission bandwidth on intelligibility and audio quality in the teleconference suite; (c) the naturalness of interaction over a telephone network; (d) the impact of acoustic and electroacoustic devices in a visual communications medium; (e) room ambient noise and potential noise sources. These elements are examined in light of the recent design, implementation, and operation of 12 teleconference (audio and video) suites. Details of design choices and acoustic measurements of these teleconference suites will be presented.