ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

4pAA2. A comparison of three concert halls using impulse response spectrograms.

Mendel Kleiner Patrik Falk Bjorn par

Dept. of Appl. Acoust., Chalmers Univ. of Technol., S-41296 Gothenburg, Sweden

Three concert halls, Symphony Hall (Boston), Concert Hall at Otis A. Singletary Center for the Arts (Univ. Kentucky, Lexington), and Konserthuset (Gothenburg, Sweden) have been investigated. The floor plans and sections of these halls are fundamentally different as are the scattering properties of the walls and ceilings of the halls. Impulse responses were recorded in a number of positions in each hall. These impulse responses were then analyzed using FFT and Wavelet spectrograms to study to what extent the obvious geometrical differences could be traced in the impulse responses. The spatial distribution of the sound in the halls was studied using a ``running'' short-time interaural cross-correlation technique based on the impulse responses recorded using a dummy-head. Results show that the wavelet spectrogram yields graphs which may be slightly easier to analyze than conventional FFT spectrograms. The expected differences due to geometry are visible in the spectrograms. The short-time interaural cross-correlation graphs add information which also agrees with expectations.