ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

5aNS3. Flare noise damage potential.

C. Moritz R. Bruce

Collaboration in Sci. and Technol., Inc., 15835 Park Ten Pl., Ste. 105, Houston, TX 77084-5131

Large elevated refinery flares produce significant acoustic power during periods of heavy flaring. Much of this sound power is low frequency, typically in the 4- through 16-Hz octave bands. The intense low-frequency sound can excite resonance frequencies in houses leading to noticeable vibrations of the walls. Through experimental investigations and published data, correlations between hydrocarbon and steam injection flow rates and far-field sound pressure levels were determined. In addition, correlations between sound pressure levels and typical residential wall vibration levels were also similarly determined. From these relationships, the potential for flare noise-induced vibrations to cause cosmetic damage to nearby houses will be discussed.