ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

1aAA2. Effects of measurement procedure and equipment on average room acoustic measurements.

A. C. Gade

Acoust. Lab., Tech. Univ. of Denmark, Bldg. 352, Lyngby, DK 28000 Denmark

John S. Bradley

Natl. Res. Council, Ottawa K1A 0R6, Canada

G. W. Siebein

Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611

This paper reports the results of a measurement tour of nine U.S. concert halls. Three measurements teams, from the University of Florida, the National Research Council of Canada, and the Technical University of Denmark, made parallel sets of measurements using their own equipment and procedures. In some of the halls measurements were repeated using the procedures of the other teams to make it possible to separate the effects of different equipment and different procedures. The paper will present position-averaged results from the three teams and will discuss reasons for the differences observed. [Work partially supported by the Concert Hall Research Group.]