ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

1pNS7. The variable domain transform and detection and the simultaneous measurement of velocity and position of a target.

N. Roosnek

R.B.R., Vlaskamp 82, 259 AC The Hague, The Netherlands

It is known that for the detection of targets the cw pulse gives the best velocity resolution. The FM pulse gives a superior result for the position of the target. The latter, depending upon the form of the FM pulse, is biased by the velocity of the target. In the case of a large bandwidth pulse length product, the output of the pulse compression, the ambiguity function, depends upon the velocity and the form. The ambiguity function of the linear periodic FM pulse is invariant for the velocity. The other forms are sensitive for the velocity of the target. In this paper it will be shown that this property can be used nicely for the detection and measurement of the velocity and position of the target by means of the variable domain transform, which was presented in an earlier publication [N. Roosnek, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 92, 3207--3212 (1992)]. The results of the application of this technique to classical FM and other FM pulse forms will be presented.