ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

2pAA11. Acoustic design of the new Princess of Wales Theatre.

John P. M. O

Aercoust. Eng. Ltd., 50 Ronson Dr., Suite 127, Rexdale, ON M9W 1B3, Canada

The acoustic design of the new 2000-seat Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto is based loosely on the neighboring Royal Alexandra Theatre. The new theatre is a traditional double balcony, horseshoe-shaped room, augmented by a modern interior design. Abstract sculptures by artist Frank Stella provide acoustic diffusion on the balcony facia. On the back walls, diffusion is provided by specially designed primitive root diffusors. The theatre has a volume of 10 500 m[sup 3], it is 29 m wide and the furthest seat is 30 m from the stage. Most materials in the theatre are either massive or stiff, to encourage acoustic warmth. The natural frequency of the balconies is approximately 6 Hz, higher than normal rhythmic motion. At the Royal Alexandra the natural frequency is half this and the balconies are easily set into motion by patrons during rock musicals. A hybrid computer modeling routine combining the method of images and particle tracing was used to assist in the design. Measurements in the new theatre will be presented and will be compared to the Royal Alexandra and other similar venues.