ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

3aPA8. Recent theoretical and experimental results with Albunex[sup (registered)], a contrast agent for diagnostic ultrasonography.

Charles C. Church

Harold B. Levene

James M. Keene

Molecular Biosystems, Inc., 10030 Barnes Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92121

Albunex[sup (registered)] is an ultrasound contrast agent prepared by sonicating 5% human serum albumin to produce stable, air-filled, albumin-coated microspheres. It is an effective ultrasound contrast agent for use during echocardiography and other ultrasound radiological procedures. Current research is directed toward understanding the physics of the interaction of ultrasound with Albunex[sup (registered)] in tissue. A theoretical model describing the dynamics of these bubbles has been developed by assuming a solid elastic shell. The shell (1) supports a strain that counters the effect of surface tension and thus stabilizes the bubble against dissolution; (2) increases the stiffness of the bubble and thus raises the resonance frequency of the bubble significantly; (3) increases the effective damping of the bubble and thus reduces the scattering cross section of the bubble markedly. Experimental measurements of speed of sound, attenuation coefficient, and backscatter coefficient have been made as functions of acoustic frequency and gas volume fraction. Comparisons between these measurements and theoretical predictions will be presented.