ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

3pAA7. Review of collected data for the experimental checking of a new reverberation time formula.

Domenico Stanzial

Natl. Res. Council of Italy, Cemoter Inst., Via Canal Bianco 28, I-44044 Cassana, Ferrara, Italy

E. Carletti

Cemoter. Inst. Ferrara, Italy

G. Brambilla

Natl. Res. Council of Italy, Inst. of Acoust. ``O. M. Corbino''

P. Fausti

Ferrara University

The experimental checking of a new reverberation time equation proposed by D. Stanzial in a recent paper [D. Stanzial, ``A heuristic approach to reverberation time in acoustics, based on energy transfer,'' submitted to J. Acoust. Soc. Am. (1992)] has been carried out in rooms of different size and different acoustic absorption characteristics. Although not rigorously true in a general acoustic field situation, the experimental checking of the new formula has been accomplished ``in a standard way'' using the measurement of the T[sub 60] reverberation time directly obtained as the decay time of the squared acoustic pressure. On the right side of the reverberation time formula, T[sub 60]=(gamma){-0.166[1/ln(1-(alpha))]+0.012[ln((alpha))/ln(1-(alpha))]-0.012}, the local acoustic absorption coefficient (alpha) has been determined, for each testing room, from active and reactive sound intensity measurements. A review of the collected data as well as a first analysis of the experimental checking are reported here.