ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

4aSA3. Identification of structural power flow for multiple correlated sources.

Peter Wagstaff

Mei Jin

Univ. of Compiegne, B.P. 649, 60206 Compiegne, France

Boudjema Bouizem

Acovib. Sarl. Centre de Transfert, Compiegne, France

Structural intensity measurements may be used to identify the direction of propagation of vibrations in single and multiple source situations. In the latter case standard techniques do not permit the individual contribution of each source to be identified. Previous publications have presented the results of experiments carried out at Compiegne using selective intensity techniques which are based on multiple input multiple output models for partially correlated inputs. These techniques break down when the inputs are highly correlated. In order to solve this problem and to simplify the measurement of the reference signals for the inputs a method has been developed to estimate the structural intensity due to each source based on the use of the frequency response function matrix associated with specific points on the structure. The inputs to the structure are initially identified using a pseudo-inverse of the measured data and the intensity due to each input may then be estimated using the original data and eliminating the terms due to the effects of the other inputs. Results are presented for a simple structure with two inputs.