ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

5aPP6. Temporal pattern perception in the goldfish: Methods and models.

Richard R. Fay

Dept. Psychol. and Parmly Hear. Inst., Loyola Univ. of Chicago, 6525 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60626

How goldfish perceive temporal patterns of acoustic clicks was investigated using a stimulus generalization paradigm with classical respiratory conditioning. Fish were conditioned to suppress respiration to trains of high-pass-filtered clicks with periodic inter click intervals (ICI). Five groups of animals were conditioned using ICIs between 4 and 25 ms, and then tested for response to eight novel ICIs between 4 and 25 ms. Response magnitude to novel ICIs (generalization) is a monotonic decreasing function of the difference between the conditioning and test ICIs. In further experiments, test stimuli consisted of temporally jittered periodic ICIs, and various pseudorandom ICI distributions. A model predicting the magnitude of generalization to these patterns was developed assuming that generalization is proportional to the number of ICIs common to conditioning and testing stimuli, and that the internal representation of ICIs has a variance predicted from discrimination data. Evidence was obtained that ICIs are analyzed, but that ICI representation is not necessarily congruent with that for pure tones of the same period. [Work supported by a Center Grant from the NIH NIDCD.]