ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

5aSP8. Imaging the tongue: Ultrasound.

Maureen Stone

Dept. of Electr. and Comput. Eng. and Dept. of Cognitive Sci., 105 Barton Hall, Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD 21218

This videotaped presentation will explain the fundamentals of using ultrasound imaging to study the vocal tract and vocal folds during speech and swallowing. The demonstration will focus on three areas. First, the placement and use of the ultrasound transducer for different types of measurements, including the use of a transducer/head holder to allow reliable, repeatable measurements. Second, a sampling of data will show the tongue in motion in several planes, and the fluidity and complexity of its movement. Vocal fold movement will also be presented. Finally, the tape will demonstrate the use of the instrument on several normal and patient subjects, including profoundly deaf speakers and swallowing-disordered patients.