ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

5pUW12. Comparison of time-domain parabolic equation and measured ocean impulse responses in a range-dependent environment.

James H. Leclere

Robert L. Field

Naval Res. Lab., Stennis Space Center, MS 39529

Ocean impulse response functions computed with the time-domain parabolic equation model are shown to be consistent with measured response functions in a shallow-water range-dependent environment off the east coast of the United States. Impulse response functions are measured by correlating the source signature of a 20- to 150-Hz linear, modulated signal with signals received on a 15 element vertical line array. Environmental inputs to the model are derived from Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) sites near the experiment location. Correlation coefficients as a function of depth are used to compare measured and modeled responses at three separate ranges. [Work supported by The Office of Naval Research under the Naval Research Laboratory/Stennis Space Center Acoustic Transients Project.]