ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

5pUW2. Sound-pressure level calculations using the RRA algorithm for depth-dependent speeds of sound valid at turning points and focal points.

Lawrence J. Ziomek

Dept. of Electr. and Computer Eng., Code EC/Zm, Naval Postgrad. School, Monterey, CA 93943

Sound-pressure level (SPL) calculations are made along individual ray paths for one-dimensional, depth-dependent, speeds of sound using an enhanced version of the recursive ray acoustics (RRA) algorithm. The SPL calculations are valid (i.e., finite) at turning points and focal points and do not require the use of Airy functions. The SPL calculations include the effects of frequency-dependent volume attenuation and frequency-dependent attenuation due to surface and bottom reflections. The ocean surface and bottom are treated as boundaries between viscous fluid media. Although the ocean surface is modeled as a planar boundary, the bathymetry is an arbitrary function of horizontal range. Sound speed versus depth and bathymetric data are represented by orthogonal function expansions. Computer simulation results from preliminary test cases are presented. [Work supported by NAVSEA.]