ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

1aAO5. Geophysical ground-truthing experiments in Eckernforede Bay.

Angela Davis

Dei Huws

Ron Haynes

School of Ocean Sci., Univ. College of North Wales, Menai Bridge, Gwynedd LL59 5EY, U.K.

During the 1994 Coastal Benthic Boundary Layer Special Research Program's (CBBLSRP) experiment in Eckernforede Bay, multichannel digital seismic and electrical resistivity data were collected using surface and bottom towed arrays. Profiling with a bottom towed sledge yielded shear wave velocity and electrical resistivity data indicative of the structural strength of the sediment and of the properties of the sediment's pore space. Shear wave velocities for the gassy mud were, as expected, extremely low, ranging from <10 at the surface to around 16 m/s at 2 m. Variations in electrical properties were correlatable with lithological change. It is anticipated that analysis of reflection responses will provide significant additional geotechnical ground-truthing.