ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

3pEA1. Target response measurement system for the NUWC Lake Seneca Test Facility.

David M. Deveau

Lynn F. Carlton

Naval Undersea Warfare Ctr. Range Development Div., B104/Code 3822, Newport, RI 02841

Peter J. Stein

Scientific Solutions, Inc., Nashua, NH 03062

Here is presented an overview of the target response measurement system (TRMS) deployed at the NUWC Seneca Lake test facility. This system is capable of measuring the target strength of objects at ranges from 10 to 300 m. The frequency range for monostatic measurements is from 300 Hz to 400 kHz. The current bistatic capability is measurements every 5(degrees) over a 90(degrees) window from 2 to 15 kHz. A multichannel PC-based digital data-acquisition system has been developed which includes high-speed A/D boards, baseband translation, and real-time monitoring of TS as a function of target aspect angle. Target aspect angle and acoustic source signatures are measured at the target and telemetered to the acquisition for digital storage along with the acoustic data. Accuracies of 1 dB in TS and 1(degrees) resolution in target aspect angle are possible. Measurements are generally clutter limited to a target strength less than -30 dB re: 1 m. Clutter of the target harness is usually a major issue and is discussed. The target strength of various targets and support structures is presented.