ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

3pMU7. The modern baroque trumpet.

Robert W. Pyle, Jr.

11 Holworthy Pl., Cambridge, MA 02138

Robinson Pyle

Osmun Brass, Belmont, MA 02178

Recent years have seen a great increase in the frequency of historically informed performances of early music. While the phrase ``modern Baroque trumpet'' appears to be an oxymoron, most of the trumpets used professionally in such performances have not been copied from historic specimens. To aid the player in achieving the accuracy and intonation expected by the audience (and conductor!), the design of the modern Baroque trumpet departs from that of its forebears, typically by adding from one to four side holes to be opened and closed by the player's fingers. Another nontraditional feature present on some modern instruments is a tapered mouthpipe just downstream of the mouthpiece. The changes in the input impedance of the instrument produced by the sideholes and tapered mouthpipe will be shown and the relationship between these changes and the playing qualities of the instrument will be discussed. The talk will include demonstrations on at least one instrument.