ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

4pEA11. Design and construction of a flexible dipole woofer.

James Canale

Daniel R. Raichel

Albert N. Nerken School of Eng., The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Sci. and Art, 51 Astor Pl., New York, NY 10003

A design for a flexible dipole woofer [M. Allen, Speaker Builder 2/93, 10--13 (1993)] was modified to include additional acoustical features to facilitate better projection of sound into the room. The actual design of the woofer uses two large (91.5 cmx55.9 cm) Mylar or propylene sheets laminated on a foam pad, instead of a suspended cone. This design should eliminate resonances associated with traditional speaker cones to yield clearer bass sound. The planar woofer is mounted on a rectangular frame with rounded edges to eliminate diffraction. The result is a quality, low cost woofer system which can be augmented by an array of tweeters mounted to one side.