ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

4pSAa2. Response of a fluid-loaded shell to excitation as a function of wave number.

P. W. Jameson

D. Zwillinger

Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., 70 Fawcett St., Cambridge, MA 02138

A procedure has been developed to evaluate the antisymmetric (m=1) response of cylindrical shells under tension which are immersed in convecting fluid. Full wave solutions are used for the fields in the external fluid and also for the elastic materials inside the shell. The shell is modeled as a thin shell using either Kennard's or Donnel's shell theory modified by R. Haberman. The internal elastic contents may be a simple fluid or a combination of fluid and interpenetrating solid. In addition there may be an internal coaxial shell. When this system is excited with an external forcing field the displacement response as a function of wave number shows a very complicated dependence on wave number. The physical significance of resonant transverse waves will be discussed and the dispersion of these waves will be related to recent predictions of dispersion by Borgiotti and Rosen; [Borgiotti and Rosen, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 95, 244--255 (1994)].