ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

5pSA11. Beamlike vibration of cylindrical shell with attached flat plate at both ends.

Svetlana I. Kovinskaya

Dept. of Acoust., Krylov Shipbuilding Res. Inst., 44 Moskovskoe shosse, St. Petersburg, 196158, Russia

The beamlike vibration of a thin circular cylindrical shell with attached thin flat plates at each end is considered. Two mechanisms of the plates' influence are considered: First, the plates have no stiffness in their own plane, but have stiffness in the direction transverse to their plane; and second, the plates have stiffness in their own plane, but not in the transverse direction. It is shown that the frequency bands are, to a large extent, influenced by each of the above mechanisms. The equations used for the shell vibration are based on a simplification concerning the neglect of the axial bending moment in the shell. The boundary condition equations (equations of contact) lead to a characteristic equation of beamlike vibration of the shell with attached plates. The resonance frequencies for the shell with the plates are determined by experiment also. The results of the calculation of the resonance frequencies, taking into account the plane displacements of the plates, are close to the frequency determined experimentally.