ASA 130th Meeting - St. Louis, MO - 1995 Nov 27 .. Dec 01

3aSC7. Variability in tongue kinematics in stop production.

Anders Lofqvist

Vincent L. Gracco

Haskins Labs., 270 Crown St., New Haven, CT 06511-6695

The focus of this study is individual differences in tongue kinematics in the production of sequences of vowel--stop consonant--vowel. Four subjects produced VCV sequences with all possible combinations of the vowels /i, a, u/, and the stop consonants /p, t, k, b, d, g/. A magnetometer system was used to track vertical and horizontal movements of receivers placed on four points on the tongue. Individual variations were found for the influences of stop consonant voicing and vowel quality on tongue kinematics. In addition, in sequences with an alveolar consonant /t, d/ occurring between two high vowels /i, u/, some speakers lowered the rear portions of the tongue for the consonant closure, while other subjects maintained a tongue configuration that closely resembled that for the high flanking vowels. Possible accounts for these differences, such as oral anatomy, speaking rate, and speaking style will be discussed, as well as the acoustical consequences of the different articulatory patterns. [Work supported by NIH.]