ASA 130th Meeting - St. Louis, MO - 1995 Nov 27 .. Dec 01

5aPAb7. Acoustic radiation force on a rigid sphere in a viscous heat-conducting fluid.

Alexander A. Doinikov

Inst. of Nuclear Problems, Bobruiskaya 11, Minsk 220050, Belarus

This study generalizes earlier calculations by the author [A. A. Doinikov, Proc. R. Soc. London Ser. A 447, 447--466 (1994); A. A. Doinikov, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 96, 3100--3105 (1994)] to cases where heat conduction of the host fluid and the sphere material is no longer negligible. Three types of an incident sound field were considered: a plane traveling wave, a plane standing wave, and a diverging spherical wave. Effects of heat conduction on the radiation force were found to be greatest for traveling and spherical waves and for spheres less dense than the host fluid. In particular, it is found that traveling waves can urge these spheres away both from and toward the sound transducer and diverging (not standing) spherical waves can cause them to levitate. These results are unusual from the standpoint of the theory of acoustic radiation forces for perfect fluids. [Work supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Belarus.]