ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

2aAO5. Numerical simulation of the sensitivity for the temperature remote acoustics control in Fram Strait environmental conditions.

Konstantin A. Naugolnykh

Environmental Tech. Lab., NOAA, Boulder, CO 80303

Ola M. Johannessen

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Ctr., Bergen N5037, Norway

Igor B. Esipov

Oleg B. Ovchinnikov

Yury I. Tujilkin

Viktor V. Zosimov

N. Andreyev Acoust. Inst., Moscow 117036, Russia

An important role of the general problem of global climate changes is the heat inflow from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic basin control. The effective tool to perform it is the acoustic methods application. Some aspects of this problem connected with the average water temperature measurements in some cross section of the Fram Strait are considered. It is supposed that the temperature change takes place in the upper 200-m layer of the ocean which is typical for the winter Fram Strait environmental conditions. Variations of the amplitude and the arrival time of the acoustic signals during their propagation in the Fram Strait cross section with variable upper layer mean temperature were considered on the base of the ray theory approximation. The results of computer simulation of the process are presented.