ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

3pAA5. Visualization of acoustic scattering in a three-dimensional enclosure.

Sylvia K. Isler

Vardhani Harpanahalli

Charles Thompson

Ctr. for Advan. Comput., Univ. of Massachusetts, One University Ave., Lowell, MA 01854

Frequently the results of time-varying computer simulations of acoustic behavior in built environments are difficult to analyze due the multidimensional nature of the numerical results. Graphical displays of acoustic data have been effective in remedying this problem. A technique for visualizing the time evolution of a sound pressure field within an enclosure due to a source located in the enclosure is presented. The numerical technique for computing the pressure distribution within the enclosure employs the method of images. Pade approximants are used to take into consideration the effects of sound scattering under high-contrast conditions. The graphical representation of the enclosure is created as follows. The walls of the enclosure and objects contained therein are rendered with the standard radiosity method. The graphical display of the interaction of the pressure field with the enclosure and its contents was accomplished by rendering each volume element in the field according to the pressure magnitude. The presentation will include a sequence of images depicting the time evolution of the pressure field in the enclosure.