ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

4aSA5. The French benchmark on computational methods and experiments in structural acoustics.

C. Valor

Societe Francaise des Mecaniciens S.F.M.), Societe Francaise d'Acoustique S.F.A.). Paris, France

The idea of creating a working group to perform benchmark on computational methods and experiments in structural acoustics originated as a conclusion of the congress ``Prediction of the noise emitted by vibrating structures,'' held in March 1991. This group was effectively created in 1993, by S.F.M. and S.F.A. and is constituted by researchers working in laboratories, industries, and consulting companies. The name of the participants with their affiliation will be given at the oral presentation. In order to simplify the publications of this working group, a fictitious name (C. Valor) has been created and represents the participants. Each year several one-day meetings are organized, they are devoted to the comparison of the different results obtained on each benchmark case. The discrepancies are analyzed, leading to new calculations if necessary. When a common agreement is obtained by the working group, each participant having performed the results writes a scientific report collected by the working group. The final goal is to publish a book giving the synthesis of all the work produced by the group. During the presentation, the computational and experimental benchmark will be presented and examples of results will be discussed.