1pNSa1. Aerodynamic problems arising in high-speed train development.

Session: Monday Afternoon, December 2

Time: 2:00

Author: Yasuaki Kohama
Location: Inst. of Fluid Sci., Tohoku Univ., 2-1-1 Katahira, Sendai, 980-77 Japan
Author: Giichi Tanaka
Location: Japan East Railway Co. Ltd.
Author: Shouichi Oizumi
Location: Japan East Railway Co. Ltd.


The aerodynamic problem, which has not been a serious one previously in the field of train technology, is now becoming serious as the train speed is increased: aerodynamic noise, aerodynamic drag, train oscillation, and structural damage, etc. Of these, the present investigation deals with the aerodynamic problems concerned with the shapes of a nose coach and a pantograph, which are the most important portions to be improved in the train system as far as the train aerodynamics and noise are concerned. Using a recently constructed low-noise, low-turbulence small wind tunnel, systematic investigations have been conducted experimentally, and new shapes for those train components are being developed and suggested for future high-speed train systems. Especially, a detailed investigation was done for the insulator (Gaishi, in Japanese), and a low-noise insulator was developed.

ASA 132nd meeting - Hawaii, December 1996