2pSC38. Treatment for the aging voice: Acoustic, aerodynamic, and electromyographic changes.

Session: Tuesday Afternoon, December 3


Author: Lorraine Olson Ramig
Location: Univ. of Colorado, Dept. CDSS, Campus Box 409, Boulder, CO 80309
Author: Kristin Baker
Location: Wilbur James Gould Voice Res. Ctr., Denver Ctr. for the Performing Arts, 1245 Champa St., Denver, CO 80204
Author: Erich Luschei
Location: Denver Ctr. for the Performing Arts, Denver, CO 80204


The purpose of the present investigation was to evaluate changes associated with vocal aging before and after an intensive program of voice treatment. Three aged (68--70 years) individuals (two men and one woman) each participated in three pre-treatment and two post-treatment recording sessions. All subjects received 16 sessions of voice treatment (LSVT) within one month. The LSVT has been designed to increase vocal loudness and functional oral communication through maximizing phonatory efficiency and previously has been documented to be effective in treating speech and voice disorders in patients with Parkinson's disease [Ramig et al., J. Speech Hear. Res. 38, 1232--1251 (1995)]. Acoustic, videostroboscopic, aerodynamic, electromyographic, and perceptual data will be discussed in relation to treatment-related changes in sound-pressure level in these aged subjects. [Work supported by NIH.]

ASA 132nd meeting - Hawaii, December 1996