4pAA3. Development of a heavy and soft impact source for the assessment of floor impact sound insulation.

Session: Thursday Afternoon, December 5

Time: 2:30

Author: Hideki Tachibana
Location: Inst. of Industrial Sci., Univ. of Tokyo, Roppongi, Minatoku, Tokyo, 106 Japan
Author: Hiroshi Tanaka
Location: Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd., Koyodai 4-5, Ryugasakishi, 301 Japan


In order to examine the impact sound insulation performance of building floors against heavy and soft impacts such as those of children jumping and running, a method whereby a heavy and impact source (an automobile tire) is dropped is specified in JIS A 1418, in addition to the standard method of using the ISO tapping machine. In order to improve the latter method, a research project has been carried out in the Architectural Institute of Japan. After various trial experiments, a new heavy and soft impact source (a rubber ball, weight: 2.5 kg; size: 183 mm in diameter; impact time: 20 ms) has been developed. In this paper, the basic impact characteristics of the source and the experimental results obtained in field measurements are introduced in comparison to the existing impact sources (automobile tire and the tapping machine).

ASA 132nd meeting - Hawaii, December 1996