1aAO8. Mode coupling effect of a cold eddy in Taiwan's Northeast Sea.

Session: Monday Morning, May 13

Time: 10:05

Author: Chi-Fang Chen
Location: Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Eng., Natl. Taiwan Univ., Taiwan, R.O.C.


The Kuroshio current turns toward the north-east while it passes the Okinawa Trough in Taiwan's Northeast Sea. In this region, there are different waters mixing, namely, water from the Taiwan Strait, water of the East China Sea, and the Kuroshio current. During the year, except for the summer months, the Kuroshio current is characterized by its distinct temperature difference from other waters, i.e., the Kuroshio front and cold eddies are two predominant features in this region. The frontal effect on acoustic propagation has been studied and reported in a previous talk. In this paper, the coupling effect of modes when acoustic signals transmit through the cold eddy using both the Parabolic Equation method and the Adiabatic Mode Approximation is reported. Severe mode coupling is realized while the sound transmits through the cold eddy. [Work supported by National Science Council of Republic of China.]

from ASA 131st Meeting, Indianapolis, May 1996