2pSC6. Interactive prosody training workstation.

Session: Tuesday Afternoon, May 14

Time: 2:15

Author: George D. Allen
Location: College of Nursing, Michigan State Univ., E. Lansing, MI 48824
Author: V. Paul Harper
Location: Harper & Assoc., W. Lafayette, IN 47906


Few devices exist to aid in the training of pitch, intensity, and rhythm of speech. The Interactive prosody training workstation (PW) employs state-of-the-art technology to assist users in achieving clinician- or client-programmable targets in each of these features. Two training interfaces are currently implemented. The simpler displays F0 and/or intensity in real time as a fluctuating one- or two-dimensional display. Smoothing can be adjusted to accommodate varying levels of voice variations. With the more advanced interface, model utterances are presented using stored LPC-coded speech. The user's response is then compared to the model, using any of a wide variety of scoring methods. The user's response may be played, in comparison to the model, as often as desired. A demonstration tape will be played showing one hearing impaired individual with a cochlear implant using the PW first to find his appropriate F0 register and then practicing pitch gestures appropriate for speech. Strong carryover of learning to later sessions is demonstrated. [Work supported in part by an SBIR grant from NIH.]

from ASA 131st Meeting, Indianapolis, May 1996