3aED4. Undergraduate research projects in noise and vibration control courses.

Session: Wednesday Morning, May 15

Author: L. Mongeau
Author: J. D. Jones
Location: School of Mech. Eng., Purdue Univ., 1077 Herrick Labs., West Lafayette, IN 47907


The integration of projects in undergraduate noise and vibration control courses allows the students to creatively apply the course material to practical problems. The projects also provide the opportunity to investigate some technologies and concepts that are beyond the scope of the lecture material. For a number of years, interdisciplinary projects have been realized in the context of the noise and vibration control courses offered by the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. Juniors and seniors in mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering work in teams of three to five students. The objectives of each team are defined in collaboration with selected faculty members and practicing engineers from the local industry, designated as ``customers.'' The projects culminate during the last week of class with oral presentations from each team. In this poster session, the results of selected student research projects realized during the last few years will be presented.

from ASA 131st Meeting, Indianapolis, May 1996