4aSC23. A numerical measure of alcohol depression.

Session: Thursday Morning, May 16

Author: Harb. S. Hayre
Location: Impairment Measures, Inc., 10405 Town and Country Way #203, Houston, TX 77024-1100


Consumption of alcoholic beverage is said to cause depression which is then followed by a high. A literature review shows that this depression had not been measured numerically. Chemical impairment measure (CMI) based on speech was used by the author to detect and measure the physiological/neurological depression. CMI ranges from zero to three on a special scale. Twenty subjects were given a double drink of whiskey each, and their CMI were measured at 2-min intervals starting 2 min prior to alcohol ingestion and continued for 60 min thereafter. CMI, in all cases was observed to initially decrease to a minimum, then monotonically increase to a maximum, and eventually decrease thereafter until it reaches a value near the predrink value. The time to reach the minimum as well as the depth thereof varied from one person to the next verifying the fact that each person has their own tolerance level.

from ASA 131st Meeting, Indianapolis, May 1996