4aUW6. Modeling target strength of reflective objects using computer ray tracing technique.

Session: Thursday Morning, May 16

Time: 10:30

Author: Gerard P. Gay
Location: Dept. of Mech. Eng., Cooper Union, 51 Astor Pl., New York, NY 10003
Author: Daniel R. Raichel
Location: Acoust. Res. Ctr., Cooper Union, New York, NY 10003


Monostatic target strength of perfectly reflective geometric objects may be predicted through the use of a non-recursive ray tracing technique. This solution is based on the analytical infinite series solution of the wave equation. The ray tracing theory embodies the premise that the properties of sound, with wavelengths small compared to the size of the target objects, are analogous to those entailed in the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Simple geometric objects including spheres, disks, and cylinders are generated as object-oriented three-dimensional models; objects are ray traced so the model may be viewed and results may be calculated. The data produced by the use of this technique agree with theoretical results, thereby suggesting the validity of this method.

from ASA 131st Meeting, Indianapolis, May 1996