4pPA2. Measurements of transient effects in thermoacoustics.

Session: Thursday Afternoon, May 16

Time: 2:45

Author: Albert B. Jones, Jr.
Location: Dept. of Psych., Northeastern Univ., 1600 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA 02115
Author: Anthony A. Atchley
Author: David D. Hebert
Author: Hsiao-Tseng Lin
Author: Ching-Kai Meng
Author: Arthur R. Salindong
Location: Naval Postgrad. School, Monterey, CA 93943


Most theories of thermoacoustic phenomena deal with steady-state quantities. However, recent work by Prosperetti and co-workers is capable of treating the transient part as well. Motivated by these predictions, measurements are presented of the evolution of the temperature distribution along a stack plate exposed to a large amplitude standing wave and the evolution of the pressure waveform within a prime mover. Qualitative measurements of the former and both qualitative and quantitative measurements of the latter have been reported by various authors previously. The purpose of the present series of measurements is to provide a more complete set of data to test theoretical predictions. [Work supported by the Office of Naval Research.]

from ASA 131st Meeting, Indianapolis, May 1996