5aNS5. Quiet motor design.

Session: Friday Morning, May 17

Time: 9:30

Author: Cuneyt Ozturk
Author: Emin Sonmez
Author: Harun Acikgoz
Author: Birdal Gook
Location: TEE A.S, R&D Dept., Davutpasa, Litros Yolu 1, Topkapi 34020, Istanbul, Turkey


Acoustic modeling of appliance motors leads the product designers to fully grasp all the technical features of the motor that cause noise. Utilizing complete analysis packages during prototype development provides the capabilities of existing numerical analysis software to enable the designer to visualize the influence of all mechanical, electromagnetic, and acousticfeatures on the potential product. The purpose of this study was to develop a methodology to let the designer predict all parameters including mechanical resonances, electromagnetic forces, and aerodynamic and acoustic features that dominate noise spectrum of actual prototypes, during the development stage. This method enables the designer to be aware of all parameters that cause the increase of the audible noise and let them know the facts of using predictive design tools in an efficient and correct way on the basis of developed methodology. The result of this research is a design methodology that leads to the development of low noise products and efficient use of potential design tools.

from ASA 131st Meeting, Indianapolis, May 1996