1aSA10. Structure of the acoustical field generated by an underground tunnel.

Session: Monday Morning, June 16

Author: S. A. Rybak
Location: Tunneling Assoc., Sadovaja-Spasskaja 21, 107217, Moscow, Russia


The problem considered is about relative magnitudes of the field exited by the modes of cylindrical shell oscillations in soil due to a periodical force on the shell's inner side. The closed form of this problem includes the dynamical equations of the shell, the wave equations of the surrounding elastic medium, and the appropriate boundary conditions. The principal role of the Rayleigh waves in the vibration energy transmission is determined and its value calculated for some examples of layered ground with a free boundary. The effect of the waveguide in the system of elastic layers is estimated.

ASA 133rd meeting - Penn State, June 1997