1pNSa4. Further observations on NCB and RC rumble and hiss criteria for predicting response to sound in rooms.

Session: Monday Afternoon, June 16

Author: Gregory C. Tocci
Location: Cavanaugh Tocci Assoc., Inc., 327F Boston Post Rd., Sudbury, MA 01776


At NOISE-CON96 in Seattle, this author presented a paper comparing assessments of 238 actual measured room octave band sound spectra using NC (tangency), NCB, and RC methods. Also determined for these spectra were the presence of excessive rumble and hiss characteristics using the NCB and RC definitions. This paper goes one step further by presenting observations on how well building owner/user subjective judgments correlate with determinations of rumble and hiss using the NCB and RC definitions. [See NOISE-CON Proceedings for full paper.]

ASA 133rd meeting - Penn State, June 1997