1pPA2. Scattering from elastic axi-symmetric objects in a range-dependent waveguide near ocean surfaces.

Session: Monday Afternoon, June 16

Author: M. F. Werby
Location: Naval Res. Lab., Stennis Space Center, MS 39529
Author: N. A. Sidorovskaia
Location: Univ. of New Orleans, LA 70148


The correct formulation for scattering from objects near an interface is described. The method used to couple the related scattered solution to a range-dependent waveguide is then shown. Calculations for elongated elastic objects such as elastic spheroidal solids and shells are then incorporated into the formulation, and the effect of the imbedding of objects in the waveguide are illustrated, particularly in the vicinity of an ocean surface. [Work sponsored by ONR, the Naval Res. Lab., and the Univ. of New Orleans.]

ASA 133rd meeting - Penn State, June 1997