2aSA9. Fluid-borne and Lamb-type waves on elastic plates in contact with two different fluids.

Session: Tuesday Morning, June 17

Author: X. L. Bao
Location: Dept. of Mech. Eng., Auburn Univ., Auburn, AL 36849
Author: H. Franklin
Location: LAUE, URA, CNRS 1373, Univ. of Le Havre, Pl. Robert Schuman, 76610 Le Havre, France
Author: O. Poncelet
Location: Univ. Bordeaux I, 33405 Talence, France
Author: P. K. Raju
Location: Auburn Univ., Auburn, AL 36849, pkraju@eng.auburn.edu
Author: H. Uberall
Location: Catholic Univ. of America, Washington, DC 30064


The subject of propagating waves on fluid-loaded plates and shells, and their acoustic excitation, has become of great current interest. Besides the existence of the Lamb-type plate or shell wave modes, a water-borne Scholte-Stoneley wave has been found on plates or shells specifically with one-sided water loading. Another specific case is that with two-sided water (or same-fluid) loading; here a symmetrical Scholte-Stoneley wave was found in addition to an antisymmetric one. In this paper, more generally, the plate loaded with two different fluids is discussed via the corresponding dispersion curves of plate and fluid-borne waves. The existence of two Scholte-Stoneley waves has been confirmed for this case.

ASA 133rd meeting - Penn State, June 1997